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SMSEagle is a professional hardware SMS gateway for sending and receiving SMS messages. The device is designed with focus on reliability and stability. It has a Linux on-board, modern responsive web-interface, database backend, and built-in GSM/3G/4G modem. SMS messages are sent/received directly to/from cellular network without using any external 3rd party solutions. SMSEagle has a built-in SQL database for secure storage of messages. Built-in SNMP agent allows to constantly monitor performance of the SMSEagle. The device has a range of built-in plugins that enable additional functionalities and easy to use API for integration with external applications.

SMSEagle MHD-8100 4G (eight modem)

Reference: SMSEagleMHD81004G

MHD-8100 4G is a eight modem device with a sending/receiving throughput of up to 240 SMS/min. The device can be configured for device failover (HA cluster), as well as modem failover and multi-modem strategy. Thanks to 8 built-in 4G modems, SMS messages are sent/received directly to/from UMTS/LTE network without using any external 3rd party solutions.

Warranty: 1 Year

Product features:

  • Sending & Receiving SMS (managing messages with Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items)

  • Sending & Receiving MMS messages

  • Sending to single users or groups of users

  • Sending SMS at specified date and time (SMS scheduling)

  • Limit sending to specified hours (for example between 08:00-18:00)

  • Smartphone-like conversation mode (messages are nicely grouped by phone number). You can easily track history of what you send and receive to each user

  • Support of different message types (normal SMS/multipart SMS/flash SMS//MMS/binary SMS/USSD-code/WAP Push link)

  • Message templates

  • Phonebook (single users, groups)

  • Import of contacts from CSV file

  • Monitoring services (eg Web server, Mail server), SMS alerting and SNMP Traps

  • Auto-reply to incoming SMS

  • Email to SMS forwarding

  • SMS to Email forwarding

  • Periodic SMS to send SMS messages at a desired time interval

  • Shift management to assign Phonebook contacts to working shifts

  • Forward incoming SMS to remote script (callback URL)

  • Blacklist feature to exclude numbers

  • Outlook Plugin to send SMS directly from the app

  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • Message Escalation feature

  • LDAP support

  • Backup to FTP

  • Periodic folders cleanup

  • Automatic backup to FTP

  • Multiuser support (each user has access to a private Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items)

  • Unicode support (support of national characters)

  • Multipart SMS message support

  • API for sending SMS from external applications & systems

  • Multilanguage (English, French, German, Polish, Spanish) web-interface

  • NTP client installed

  • SNMP agent installed

  • Built-in Apache2 web server

  • Built-in PostgreSQL database server

  • Built-in Postfix email server

  • Modern responsive interface

  • HTTPS support

  • Support for delivery reports

  • Watchdog mechanisms for 4G modem (automatic modem health control) 

  • Failover support (HA cluster of 2 devices possible)

  • Modem-Failover mechanism (automatic switching of modems after detection of a problem with a modem)

  • LTE Cat. 4 data rates of up to 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload (can be disabled/enabled)

  • SMSEagle package includes:

  • SMSEagle hardware SMS gateway

  • 8x Omnidirectional 2dBi UMTS/LTE antenna

  • AC/DC Adapter (input voltage: 100-240V)

  • 2x Braket for rack mount (1U")

  • Quick-start guide

  • 12-month warranty (optional warranty extension available)

  • Access to free software upgrades within warranty period

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