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Indoor & Outdoor Advertising

Glasses-free Outdoor 3D LED Screen
A New Dimension in Advertising

  • Supports Energy Saving Solutions

  • High brightness over 6,800 Nits

  • IP65

  • Professional 3D Design

  • Professional LED Display
  • Professional Encrypted Broadcasting
  • Professional Visual Effect

3D Advertising.JPG

High Contrast Natural Colors

High-quality black lamp, contrast ratio 3000:1 Wide color gamut, make the colors are more real and natural

3D 2.png

Professional in 3D

Crack the best display ratio of Glasses-free 3D screens and the audience will be on the scene.

Professional cooperative content team with rich experience in 3D content production.

Exhibition Centres

Wooden | Glass | Aluminium

Photography Exhibition

TAKCL - Photography Exhibition.jpg
TAKCL - Tech Exhibition.jpg

Tech-Expo China

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